Below you see a coupon that gives you a free 1600 Microsoft Point Card.   *Updated 1/15/14*

       Download from

              Download Coupon

             For Proof Click Here

 How to use the coupon:

1. Download and print out the coupon

2. Go to your local retail store (CVS)

3. Grab a 1600 card from the shelve and give the 1600 card to the cashier

4. Once they scan the card they expect you to pay, give them the coupon

5. They then read the coupon and eventually type the number above the bar code

6. Your reciept comes out and they give you your free 1600 MSP card


NOTE: Can only use coupon if the original MSP cards are available.

It is recommended that you use the coupon at: CVS, Walgreens, & Rite Aid! 

Do NOT use this coupon anywhere else other than what's listed above ↑

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